Fear of Same-Sex Marriage Post 9/11

In the reading on Lugo’s first chapter, a few things took me by surprise. The main thing was the connection that was pointed out between the War on Terror and same-sex marriage. After 9/11, the general eye of the public became more scrutinizing and judgmental. But what struck me was why homosexuals and the concept of same-sex marriage would be bundled into this new lens of the American people. Lugo points out that, “lesbians and gay men became a brand of ‘domestic terrorists,'” and same-sex marriage “became a site in which danger and uncontainability merged into one.”

Any time a major culture shock like 9/11 happens, the mindsets of people will obviously change. Even though this is true, what Lugo described in Chapter 1 made the American public seem conventional and ignorant in a way reminiscent of how homosexuals weere treated during the Cold War. It showed that no progress had been made, and the closed attitude of the American people would come flooding back as soon as it had a good opportunity.


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