Lugo’s Paradox

In the first chapter of his book, Lugo exposes an interesting paradox surrounding the United States’ Cold War policies. Lugo states that while the “United States capital(ism) became an all-encompassing global presence, United States un-containability itself became premised on efforts at containment (of ‘other’ people, countries, economies)” (Lugo Pg. 8). In other words, at the same times as the United States were arguing that other ideologies needed to be contained, our nation was spreading our own values and morals around the globe. For example, the US conducted myriad covert operations throughout developing nations in which CIA operatives overthrew governments and reinstated a US-backed leader, usually a dictator. Many of these operations were completed in order to prevent the rise of socialist policies that threatened US businesses, trade, and the economy. By exposing this paradox, Lugo reveals both the issues present within United States policy and the blind-following of our citizens. Many of our actions during the Cold War resulted in unrest and destruction that continues to this day. However, by repeatedly telling the people that these actions would create a peaceful global society, no one questioned the paradox.


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