Quick Write: The problem of “perceived differences”

Something problematic I found from the reading was the re-institution of “perceived differences” in society brought about by post-9/11 society. Just as individuals straying from the white, middle-class ideal family during the Cold War were targeted, individuals and entire groups again were sought out and alienated based on physical, sexual, and religious factors they can’t control. The United States worked to cement itself as an ideal and model society during the Cold War, and many movements, like the Civil Rights Movement and the Gay Liberation Movement, expanded the rights and liberties of individuals; however, this period of progress was greatly abandoned, and history now repeats itself as the beginning of the Cold War, where differences were made between individuals who did and did not stray from a societal model. Lugo emphasizes the creation of these “perceived differences” in stating that they “have been manufactured in the aftermath of 9/11 such that the very categories of ‘American’ and ‘un-American’ have been re-instituted and maintained as separate and distinct.


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