Scapegoating and sexuality since 9/11

          In “G.W. Bush Administration Narratives of Threat and Containment”, Lugo explores the categorizations of Americans after the 9/11 through the lens of sexual orientation. Discussing how the fear of being spied on led to a strict codification of Americans depending on their sexual orientation, Lugo shows how the gay and lesbian communities were excluded, and portrayed as devils within the nation. Seen as “domestic terrorists”, these Americans seemed to pose a threat to the American stability and wellness, and therefore would lead to the collapse of the entire country. This ideology goes beyond simply blaming homosexual Americans for problems abroad, as Lugo mentions that at that time, the mass was convinced that sanctioning homosexual behavior caused deaths in Uganda. While this seem absurd to us now, this belief clearly points out that paranoia deprives America of the ability to think clearly.

          This passage about deaths in Uganda is in my opinion very important and thought provoking, as it provides a clear example of lack of logic in the rhetoric of containment, but also because it illustrates how most Americans at that time made assumptions without proofs. Are the lesbian and gay communities endangering national and global security? If so, in what ways? Although te first question was widely answered by a “yes”, the second seems to have never been asked.


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