The Paradox of a Post-9/11 World

“The pervasive diffusion of US capitalist/military culture and ideologies reveals an interesting paradox: at the same time as United States capital(ism) became an all encompassing global presence, United States uncontainability itself became premised on efforts at containment (of “other” people, countries, economics).”

Within the post-9/11 environment, as mentioned by Lugo in chapter one of his book Containing (Un)American Bodies the world was all interconnected, as information could be achieved by a quick look on a computer and communication with someone across the world could occur in a matter of seconds. The irony of this situation is that despite this interconnectedness and the unification resultant from new technology, the United States persisted with its efforts at containment. Instead of looking internationally, the US government encouraged its citizens to look within their country, to basically shut out the world and the believed “others” that stood as the invisible threat to the US.

This containment of technology  (the internet) within 9/11 mirrors the attempted containment of the atomic bomb during the Cold War era. In both cases, there is an inherent fear connected to the technology. Both can be utilized as good, but both have the potential to be dangerous.


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