Terrorists and Marriage: The Exclusion of the LGBT Community Post-9/11

In Chapter 1 of Lugo’s book, “G.W. Bush Administration Narratives of Threat and Containment,” they make the observation that in the post-9/11 environment issues regarding the LGBT community and connected to issues regarding terrorism. It is written that, “The War on Terror and same-sex marriage came to connect in the United States public mind to render the threat of perceived terrorist countries and that of same-sex couples in need of strict containment.” In addition, the reemergence of discussion regarding HIV/AIDS is an important insight into the fear that permeated society in this environment. The way that Bush talked about both HIV/AIDS and terrorism simultaneously and prominently in 2003 shows how the threat of a vague and foreign menace also created a fear of a domestic threat “caused” by an Other. In this case, the Other was lesbians and gay men, and fear of terrorism and HIV/AIDS was a major detriment in advancing the cause of same-sex marriage.



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