TIC Topic: Nuclear Proliferation

The topic I am researching is how nuclear assistance has influenced nuclear proliferation throughout history. The global proliferation of nuclear weapons increases the possibility for a nuclear conflict to occur  which could possibly affect the entire world population.

Many scholars have studied the factors that cause weaker states to seek nuclear armament, and the factors that prompt powerful nuclear states to provide assistance. Many scholars attribute a powerful nation’s decision to collaborate on various geopolitical conditions. As Mathew Kroenig claims, such conditions include the competitive ability of the weak state, a common enemy, and their ability to combat proliferation elsewhere. Weak states are generally viewed to be easily susceptible to the temptation of pursuing a nuclear weapon option for either the purpose of threatening, security, or political prestige. Studies have questioned assistance as an act of dangerous empowerment rather than productive collaboration. Mathew Fuhrmann, author of Atomic Assistance: How “Atoms for Peace” Programs Cause Nuclear Insecurity, is the premier voice of this argument, and many others have conducted research surrounding his claims.The success of countries who have received assistance has been analyzed by George Michael. Fewer proposals exist for policy changes to solve some of the exposed flaws that have been identified as sources of proliferation throughout both the first and second nuclear ages. I plan on forming a research-based argument for instituting policy changes that more effectively minimize the threat of proliferation.


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