The Dark Side of the Moon

I plan to research the legacy of the space race and how the space race has affected society with regards to education and innovation, both in the short term, and in the long term. This is applicable in today’s world because, even four decades after the climax of the space race, we face the consequences of the proxy war everyday.

There are numerous different perspectives on this matter. Some of the sources I have come across have described how education has been enriched dramatically de to the space race, and the effects of the enrichment are still felt today. On the same note, some scholars affirm that the space race fueled innovation and fundamentally revolutionized popular culture to the extent that they are all evident in today’s society. These scholars take on an optimistic stance on the legacy of the Cold War and believe that the the effects are still evident today. On the other hand, there are just as many scholars who take a negative stance on the legacy of the Cold War. For instance, many claim that following the moon landing and the Soviet Union’s collapse, space exploration’s popularity spiraled downwards. All of a sudden, the space became demystified, and with the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the United States had no motivation to continue exploring space. As time moves forward, we must face the reality that the space industry is getting more and more privatized. However, the freedom that comes with privatization also comes with a price as the political subsidy culture of the past is on its deathbed. Many scholars assert that this makes failure more plausible, and even likely.   As can be seen, a large number of scholars hold a wide array of opinions regarding the lasting legacy of the space race.

In my RBA, I hope to demonstrate that while the space race did bring about innovative methods of exploring space, the space race itself did not live up to its potential and did not have a lasting legacy.


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