My Research Topic

I plan to research the United Fruit Company’s use of media and lobbyists to convince the United States populace of a fallacious necessity to roll back communism in Latin America and to orchestrate the 1954 Guatemalan Coup. My mind map breaks my essay down into a few preliminary topics that will be utilized to argue my thesis. I plan to organize these topics and potentially break them down into more sub-topics. 

Link to my mind map:


2 thoughts on “My Research Topic”

  1. Your topic seems very interesting, but more importantly very organized. Your mind map shows that you can explore your different topic through different sources/elements from research. I however suggest that you include a more general study of the media itself in your RBA; you plan on talking about the role of newspapers, but what about radio? Moreover, you could probably explore te publication of books and articles at that time: were some of these books and reports by professors more advertised for than others? Were article from the UFCO/about Guatemala rather in the headlines or in the ‘less important’ articles of the newspapers that published them?


  2. I think your topic is very interesting! I love how you explore the connection communism had with Southern America and how it affected much of American-South American relations. I think this is a topic that we haven’t talked about as much in class that is very important to understanding American foreign policy. The United Fruit Company and its very material interests were a notable part of this and I think focusing in on its affect on the Guatemalan Coup is very interesting. Good luck!


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