RBA Research Topic + Brainstorming

For the RBA assignment, my research topic centers around the aspects of containment culture at play in the expansion of government eavesdropping abilities and determining whether surveillance of individual’s records is a civil liberties violation the public should pressure government into ceasing (and the extent to which this is possible) or whether surveillance by the government has become a necessary evil in a world where the threat of terrorism remains alive and hazardous. By analyzing the scope (what exactly the government can spy on) of current surveillance abilities, why and how these powers were achieved through legislation, and the relationship between government authority, civil liberties, and the growth of both terrorist threats and fear of counter-terrorism in American culture, I hope to help make sense of the blurred boundary between the state and individual as it relates to privacy and national security.

Brainstorming mind map: https://www.mindmeister.com/794464850


One thought on “RBA Research Topic + Brainstorming”

  1. This is a very interesting topic for an RBA, especially since it is so relevant to our lives today, such as through heightened TSA security measures and the government’s ability to access phone records and other personal data. I couldn’t see your brainstorming map through the link, so I don’t exactly know what specific points you will make. However, I am doing a similar topic on the ethical dilemma of modern intelligence policy, so I suggest you bring in the ethics behind surveillance, keeping in mind that the word “ethical” can be interpreted many ways and is important to define. There are a variety of opinions available on the ethics of government surveillance and the role it plays in a democracy.

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