American Exceptionalism as a key aspect in Trumpism

In my Research Based Argument, I plan to explore how American exceptionalism manifests in the Trump regime. Through case studies like Guantanamo Bay and Japanese internment, I plan to expose the dangers of a persident that full internalizes, embraces, and actively promotes a return to a permanent state of exception. My paper will define American exceptionalism, explore its application throughout history, explain the perils of a new American exceptionalist regime under Trump, and how his administration represents exceptionalism.

Map Outline:


One thought on “American Exceptionalism as a key aspect in Trumpism”

  1. I like how you plan to connect a relatively broad topic to a relevant issue today. I think viewing Trump’s presidency through the lens of American exceptionalism will make for a focused perspective in your RBA. I think you organized your mind map pretty well with the four main sub-topics.

    I think there are definitely some solid connections between “Defining American Exceptionalism” and “The Rhetoric of Donald Trump.” I’m not sure if you were planning to do this already, but I think it would be effective to open your RBA with a brief overview of American exceptionalism, and then connect it to Donald Trump’s presidency as you develop its definition.

    Overall, I think your outline does a good job at identifying the main points of your topic while also demonstrating the complexity of the ideas.


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