Intelligence Dilemma: an Ethical Crisis Right Beneath Our Noses

My research topic for the RBA is determining whether post-9/11 American intelligence policy, very similar to Cold War intelligence methodology, is within the best interest of the United States and its citizens. Specifically, I will discuss how there is an ethical dilemma with modern intelligence tactics that seek to protect the nation at the expense of civil liberties and privacy rights, citing the USA Patriot Act and airport discrimination as key examples. Then, I will explain the direction that US intelligence policy should follow to best align with the interests of Americans. Ultimately, there should be a balance between privacy and security in the United States, and exploring the ethics and shortcomings of current US intelligence policy will help illuminate the best way to achieve this balance. My brainstorming map illustrates this progression of both major arguments stemming from my topic.

Link to RBA brainstorming map:


One thought on “Intelligence Dilemma: an Ethical Crisis Right Beneath Our Noses”

  1. Your topic is intriguing as well as controversial. The issue between national security and privacy is one that has plagued our nation for years, and it’s interesting that you have a clear idea as to what the proposed solution should be. Your essay seems to be well organized into two distinct parts that will flow well from the first idea into the next. The only suggestion i would make is to make sure you include why the plan you’re proposing would work, as opposed to strictly outlining what the system would look like. Overall, you seem to have a very clear understanding of your topic and the argument you want to make. Good luck!


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