Invasion Films Across Eras

In my RBA, I plan to compare invasion films of the 1950s and the 2000s and highlight the differences or similarities between films as cultural shifts or continuity across eras. One particular aspect of these films is a shift from “unknown” invaders to “known” invaders as a result of America understanding its enemy through globalization. Like in my TIC, I plan to organize my RBA by introducing different themes present in these films and showing if films of both eras represent or acknowledge these concepts.


2 thoughts on “Invasion Films Across Eras”

  1. Hi Randy,

    your topic sounds intriguing. Which films do you plan to use in your RBA? Are you considering a brief explanation of how invasion films might have changed in the time between these two time periods or are you planning on directly comparing only films from the 1950s and early 2000s? It might be interesting to consider any possible differences between invasion films from the few years directly prior to 9/11 to those made after the attacks.


  2. I think your topic is very interesting an definitely has a lot of potential! In your mindmap, one of the points you make is that the portrayal of the invaders has shifted from unknown to known, which you justifiably link to the changing scene on the international arena. I agree with your point, but I think you can develop it further. For example, it interesting how in some Cold War era films the key to defeating the invaders/aliens is to learn to understand them, which might connect in some way to intelligence agencies and spy programs during the Cold War.


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