Japanese Internment & Policing of Middle Eastern Bodies

For my RBA, I plan to research parallels between Japanese internment in response to Pearl Harbor and the policing of Middle Eastern bodies after 9/11 to show that containment culture and the marginalization of races is been embedded in American history. Due to extreme paranoia, the races held responsible for Pearl Harbor and 9/11 soon became seen as the “enemy,” and the military swept up innocent people and forced them into detention facilities in order to increase national security. However, as I will prove in my RBA, containment has only exposed America to racism, xenophobia, and animosity, leading America to be less safe. Below depicts the possible structure for my RBA:



One thought on “Japanese Internment & Policing of Middle Eastern Bodies”

  1. I think you have a really interesting topic that is clearly relevant today. In your plan, it is clear you have a good idea of your points and your argument. It is not clear, however, what the flow of your paper will be. How will you transition between these points and logically connect your points? Also, I’m slightly conflicted regarding your clear personal view of this situation. I think it is good you know what your perspective will be, however, it may increase your ethos if your stance is more ambivalent. Also, it may be intriguing to look at your topic in the present day as the points you are discussing in this paper have current manifestations in our political situations. But overall, I am very interested in your topic and it seems like you have a well thought out plan. Good luck with writing!


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