Media Representation & Islamophobia

In my RBA I plan to analyze the comic series Ms. Marvel and its lead, Kamala Khan, as a response to Islamophobia in media representation post-9/11. By examining the creation of the image of the Muslim male as a terrorist and therefore a dangerous “other”, I hope to determine the importance of media representation and how or why it is effective in supporting a specific national image. Furthermore, I plan to establish how Kamala Khan is a response to this rhetoric and in what ways her story and character reinforces or subverts it, particularly as a possible response to assimilation pressures and the erasure of hyphenated identities.




One thought on “Media Representation & Islamophobia”

  1. As I am also writing on popular culture, I found myself having to establish similar connections between the media and the political/societal topic before delving into my argument. I am happy you are discussing how popular media can sometimes both subvert and solidify cultural norms or stereotypes, as it seems they are treated as mutually exclusive. Creators are always balancing a mix between the novel and eye-opening elements and the familiar and recognizable elements that they present to consumers/audience.


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