Mind Map: Cold War Superpower Responsibility for the Current Middle East

new-mind-mapIn my RBA, I will be examining how the impacts of the Cold War had on the Middle East helped set the stage for the region’s current crises. Particularly, I will be arguing that a lack of foresight and the tendencies for US and the USSR to view these nations as mere complements to their own objectives cemented the rise of current causes of disorder in the Middle East. This mind map identifies the various topics I need to be sure to address in my RBA in order to successfully weave a persuasive narrative of how the US and the USSR can be considered responsible for some of the region’s current turmoil. The mind map was made through Bubl.us (can be viewed at https://bubbl.us/?s=7459346#Mzc1ODAxMi83NDU5MzQ2L2ExMzFhMjk1MGZiOWQzNmZlMWE2OTk1OWEwMGU4NDQx?X).



One thought on “Mind Map: Cold War Superpower Responsibility for the Current Middle East”

  1. Emily, your mind map is definitely indicative of your extensive background knowledge on your topic, which makes it clear that you are on track to effectively arguing your interpretation of the US and USSR influence on the Middle East. I would say that since you already have so much ground you want to cover, there might not be enough room to include a comparison/contrast piece of the successes and failures of American politics. And, perhaps you might consider paring down the number of events you want to discuss under each subheading to one or two and going really in depth over several paragraphs. I think that a strong analysis of only a few events may be more effective in highlighting different facets of US and Soviet interference and influence. Just by looking at your rough outline, I have a great feeling that you will be able to produce an amazing essay!


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