Mind Mapping link between Executive Office and American Exceptionalism

In my RBA I am going to go through a series of sections in order to reach the eventual conclusion that the American Public is partially culpable for allowing Bush to mislead the public into the War in Iraq. In those sections I will explore the role of a modern President and more broadly the Executive Office, I will also look at how we define American Exceptionalism in terms of the Executive Office, lastly I will demonstrate how American Exceptionalism and the Executive Office have become linked.




2 thoughts on “Mind Mapping link between Executive Office and American Exceptionalism”

  1. This is a super interesting topic that I think will progress into an awesome RBA! However, I think in your outline it would make it a little easier for your reader to follow if you expanded upon how exactly the American Public led Bush into the Iraq war and the ways your going to justify that claim. That being said, I totally agree that the president is more of a figurehead than most of our society believes them to be and I can totally see the connection we have placed upon the president to American exceptionalism.


  2. Hi!

    I really like how you discuss the more abstract concepts of American Exceptionalism and its ties to the Executive Office first, and then move on to show how specifically they interacted in the geopolitical context of the War on Iraq. I think that structure is both very interesting and very clear to follow!
    I was wondering if you are going to touch upon the historical evolution of the notion of American Exceptionalism, for instance by relating it to changes in the Executive power. Also, do you plan on providing concrete examples of Executive power (and possibly its link to the perceptions and realities of American Exceptionalism) before or maybe after the Bush presidency?


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