RBA Planning: Masculinity and Homophobia in Cold War America

For my RBA, I plan to examine the relationship between the evolving ideals of masculinity and increased homophobia in Cold War America. I am interested in looking at how the manifestation of homophobia in policy and in the military was influenced by perceptions of masculinity in a consensus culture. Here is my map, which is more of brainstorm than an outline (I will need to cut down or prioritize importance)





2 thoughts on “RBA Planning: Masculinity and Homophobia in Cold War America”

  1. I think that one thing that may be helpful for you to explore than will help to directly link the ideas of the soldier and homosexuality would be the “don’t ask don’t tell” mentality of the military. If you wanted to put the argument in a more modern context (I wasn’t sure if you were doing this from a Cold War or modern perspective) then you could analyze the evolvement of that mentality from then to now. I don’t really understand how the Red Scare plays into your argument, so I think if you could clarify how it relates it would benefit your argument.


  2. Your topic sounds very interesting. If you haven’t checked this already, I would suggest looking at the sources on the Dumančić article “Gender and Sexuality during the Cold War” for more information.


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