RBA Topic+Mindmap–FBI Corruption

In my RBA, I will be focusing in on the corruption seen during J. Edgar Hoover’s reign as FBI Director and investigating the contributing factors that led to the development of this phenomenon. Specifically, I will be exploring how the imbalances in the hierarchical power distribution and the skewed culture of secrecy rendered the FBI susceptible to corruption during highly politicized times.

Link to MindMap:





One thought on “RBA Topic+Mindmap–FBI Corruption”

  1. Your topic not only seems extremely interesting, but also relevant to the modern day. You mindmap is broken down to a wide range of subtopics. Although there are many different ideas present, your map is organized and allows for new ideas to emerge. I would recommend potentially analyzing the opposite argument as a potential counterargument. The president does have some control over the FBI. Although the president can’t fire the director, if he/she asks for a resignation, the director will most likely step down. It would be interesting to research the corruption of the FBI as a result of actions by important figures outside the FBI.


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