Relationship Between Government and Media During Wartime

My research focuses on the relationship between the government and the media during wartime, and how this relationship affects the public’s perception of the war and foreign policy. I will cover how the government influences what the media covers, as well as how the media influences policy in return. Even thought both sides do not always get along, I also hope to show how the government and the press work together in order to create a specific image for the public, and how they are able to influence public perception through their compromises. Here is my mind map:



One thought on “Relationship Between Government and Media During Wartime”

  1. Hi Luke,

    I really think that the map you have made will lead to an interesting RBA. I think that by exploring a wide variety of events and how they relate to media will help provide concrete proof of your argument. While I obviously don’t know what the sources you’ve laid out have said, my one suggestion would be to include specific examples of TV shows or News segments that relate the idea of brainwashing or free press.


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