The Extent of Self-Interested Support for Civil Rights


In my TiC I explored the relationship between the Cold War and government support for the civil rights movement, focusing on the notion that the government supported civil rights throughout this time period to combat communist propaganda efforts accusing America of racial discrimination. However, the Cold War was also known for the oppression of opposition including leftist groups such as those pushing for the civil rights movement. In my RBA I would like to further examine the dynamic between the oppression of opposition and acceptance of opposing ideologies during the Cold War, and how this dynamic contributed to the American democracy today. More specifically, given that leftist and “other” groups were targeted alongside communists, and that government support for civil rights during the Cold War was primarily self-interested, I would like to further research the extent of this self-interested support, and whether this support was maintained as Cold War tensions lessened and global pressures lifted.

My brainstorm may be found at

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 4.10.16 AM.png


One thought on “The Extent of Self-Interested Support for Civil Rights”

  1. I think the contradiction that you are examining is quite interesting: that there was simultaneous support of Civil Rights and persecution of anyone ‘other’ during the Cold War era (particularly the 1960s). I think your map already has some natural structure, too, with the items in the top right being background info and you could group the other items into a few arguments. Your topic feels a little broad right now, so I’d suggest maybe focusing on two or three of these topics (perhaps the ones you’re most comfortable with right now and in your research). Also, I think you’ve somewhat overloaded the consequences of this phenomenon without really thinking too much about the actual traits of the phenomenon itself. Is your thesis going to be about some aspect of the contradiction, or about its manifestations today? Either one would work, but I think narrowing could improve your research efficiency.


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