Week 1

Reading to do this week:

For Monday:
Course Syllabus

For Wednesday:
1. Elaine Tyler May’s Introduction and Epilogue for her book, Homeward Bound: American Families in the Cold War Era
Nadel’s Ch. 1: “Appearance, Containment, and Atomic Power”
Optional Reading: “The Sources of Soviet Conduct” by George Kennan

Assignments to complete this week:

For Monday:
Read the instructions for creating a WordPress account and create one. Instructions can be found here.

For Wednesday:
1. If you haven’t already created a WordPress account, create one!
2. Check your e-mail and accept the invitation to be an author for our WordPress page.

Looking forward to next week:

Look over the Rhetorical Analysis Assignment sheet again – we will have gone over it in class this Wednesday. Start thinking about your text selection for the Rhetorical Analysis. What interests you so far about Containment Culture?

Over the weekend, you might even take a look at these pages from Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic Guide to Writing. 


Cold War American Culture Post 9/11

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