Week 2

Reading to do this week:

For Monday:
1. Lugo’s Ch. 1: “G.W. Bush Administration Narratives of Threat and Containment”
2. McDuffie’s article, “Black and Red: Black Liberation, the Cold War, and the Horne Thesis”

In class on Monday: Bush’s “Get on Board” speech & Truman’s 1949 Inaugural Address

For Wednesday:
1. Lugo’s Ch. 3: “Bodies that Resisted Containment”
2. Dittmer’s article, “Captain America’s Empire: Reflections of Identity, Popular Culture, and Post 9/11 Geopolitics”

In Class on Wednesday: Example RAs (to read ahead, see the “Rhetorical Analysis” page)

Assignments to Complete this week:

Reminder: sign up for RA Conference

For Monday:
Blog Post #1 due, before class. For guided instructions on how to make a blog post, click here.

RA text selection due in class

RA Rough Draft due to Canvas on by 11:59pm

Looking forward to next week:

Sign up for a conference if you haven’t already done so, and remember to bring three printed copies of your RA draft with you to class on Monday, Oct. 10th


Cold War American Culture Post 9/11

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