Week 4

Reading to do this week:

For Monday:
1. They Say/I Say, Intro + Part 1
2. Caluya’s article, “Pride and Paranoia: Race and the Emergence of Home Security in Cold War America”

In class: TiC Assignment Sheet

For Wednesday:
1. Farish’s article, “American Cities and the Cold War: Disaster and Decentralization”

Assignments to complete this week:

For Monday:
Start thinking about honing in on a research topic you’d like to pursue for the remainder of the quarter.

For Wednesday:
meet outside the entrance to Green Library that faces the quad (not the entrance facing Coupa Café)
2. Blog Post #2 due, before class
3. Library Worksheet #1 (half of it is to be completed before class, and the other half will be completed during class)

Looking forward to next week:

After our Library Day this Wednesday, spend some of the weekend really brainstorming some research ideas you’re excited about. Then, start gathering your sources. On Monday of next week, we’ll chat about how best to organize your research and how to follow a “Citation Trail.”


Cold War American Culture Post 9/11

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