Week 6

Reading to do this week:

For Monday:
There is no assigned reading to complete before class for this Monday. That said, you should be reading materials you find on your research journey and taking vigorous research notes. In addition, we’ll be reading some TiC examples in class together on Monday, but you’re invited to familiarize yourself with these examples beforehand.

For Wednesday:
Again, there are no assigned readings to complete before class on Wednesday. But you should absolutely be reading at least one or two sources of your own research materials and continuing to work on your Annotated Bibliography. You can also revisit some of the TiC examples.

Assignments to complete this week:

For Monday:
1. Remember to sign up for TiC conferences
2. Bring a printed copy of your working thesis for your TiC and at least four annotated bibliography entries

For Wednesday: Research Mixer in class
1. Blog Post #4, before class

Research Mixer PowerPoint: For more information on the Research Mixer taking place on Nov. 2nd, click here.

For Saturday:
TiC Rough Draft due to Canvas on Nov. 5th by 11:59pm

Looking forward to next week:

Remember to sign up for conferences if you haven’t yet, and bring a completed Self Assessment with you to your conference. You’ll also need to bring three printed copies of your TiC to class with you on Monday.


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