Week 7

Reading to do this week:

Though you have no assigned reading this week, you should be working on reading through your research list. Although this week is about revising the TiC, you should continue contributing to your annotated bibliography and maintain research momentum toward your RBA.

Assignments to complete this week:

For Monday:
Bring three printed copies of your TiC to class with you

On Monday, Nov. 7th, Tuesday, Nov. 8th, or Wednesday, Nov. 9th, you will meet with your out-of-class peer review group and complete this peer review exercise.

For Wednesday:
In Class: Windhover Labyrinth and zeroing in on your research goals/topic

Final TiC due on Canvas by 11:59pm on Sunday, Nov. 13th
All non-digital supplementary materials due on Monday, Nov. 14th

Looking forward to next week:

On Monday, we’ll meet outside Green Library again to take stock of our research materials. Now that the TiC has been turned in, it’s time to really hit our research hard. Over the weekend, as you put the finishing touches on your TiC, you should start brainstorming what you want the arc of your RBA to look like. If your research topic really requires more research before you can craft a hypothesis, now’s the time to really think about what types of sources and what kinds of information would help you start to develop that arc.


Cold War American Culture Post 9/11

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