You can find links to specific readings throughout the “Weekly Schedule” section of our website. Here is the link to the folder that houses all of our readings: PWR 1 Readings.


Although all of these handouts can be found throughout the “Weekly Schedule” and “Assignments” sections of our course website, I’ve also included them here for ease of access.

Miscellaneous handouts

How to Create a WordPress Account

How to Post to our Course Blog

Library Day #1 Worksheet

Library Day #2 Worksheet

Research Mixer Worksheet

Rhetorical Analysis handouts

Rhetorical Analysis Debrief

Rhetorical Analysis In-Class Peer Review Worksheet

Rhetorical Analysis Out-of-Class Peer Review Worksheet

Rhetorical Analysis Self-Assessment

Rhetorical Analysis Examples

Texts in Conversation handouts

Texts in Conversation Debrief

Texts in Conversation In-Class Peer Review Worksheet

Texts in Conversation Out-of-Class Peer Review

Texts in Conversation Self-Assessment

Texts in Conversation Examples

Research Based Argument handouts

Research Based Argument Debrief

Research Based Argument Self-Assessment

Research Based Argument In-Class Peer Review (Topic Sentences)

RBA Examples

RBA Outline Assignment Sheet




Cold War American Culture Post 9/11

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